The economy of knowledge in the 21st century [EN]

Our economic and social development has always been based on the freedom to use, study, share and improve common knowledge and information. Since entering the digital era, however, the freedoms to access and use knowledge is strongly linked with the access to technology and software. Furthermore, access and use of our cultural heritage, economic development, as well as our social and political organisation, is increasingly based on technology and software. In the 21st century, access to software determines how we can participate in our society

To achieve equal access, increase welfare and promote freedom of choice for everyone, we need to guarantee the same freedoms we used to have for knowledge, and apply them to software. These freedoms are true for Software Libre: the freedom to use it for every purpose,to study its source code, to share it with your neighbor or anyone else, and to improve and republish the software at will. By using and developing Software Libre, the Spanish state can benefit from these freedoms to achieve digital autonomy, foster local economies and increase technological and intellectual welfare for the people.

For the national elections in 2015, we unite as a collective of non-governmental and non-profit charity organisations to move Spain forward into the freedom of the digital era. With this campaign we ask political candidates of all parties to sign a pact for Free Software: This pact invites the government to be a key player in the spread and development of Software Libre, it encourages the use of Free Software in public bodies and institutions, and it aims to maximize the technological benefits of Free Software in Spanish society and economy.