Read and/or sign the pact [EN]

If you are a candidate for the national elections 2015 in Spain, you can use this page to show your commitment to Free Software and its benefits for the state, economy and the people of Spain. To do so, you can download our signature form and send us your confirmation.

Freedom pact

Considering that:

  • In a society where most interactions rely on digital technologies, it is Free Software – which everyone may use, study, share, and improve – that enables political, economic, and cultural participation for everyone.
  • The use of Open Standard data formats are critical to achieve interoperability between different IT systems, and together with Free Software, they are essential for public bodies to break free from vendor lock-in, and to act autonomously.
  • Free Software helps to grow the Spanish IT economy and creates domestic employment by enabling small and medium sized companies to compete on a local and regional level against existing foreign software monopolies.
  • Free Software is essential for public bodies to act autonomously, participate globally, and grow wealth locally.

I promise to

  • promote the use of Free Software in all areas of public life, public administration, and public education
  • promote legislation to make Free Software the first choice in public procurement
  • promote policies in favour of Free Software and oppose policies that discriminate against it
  • ensure a legal requirement, that all software developed with public funds is released as Free Software, so other administrations, and the public, can benefit from it
  • promote the widest possible use of Open Standards in the public sector, as well as the publication and archiving of all public data and documents in formats based on Open Standards